It’s no more news that popular OAP freeze is always in the news for one reason or the other.

The on air personality, is a blunt person who dishes out his opinion on issues regardless what people might think or say about him.

He is a respecter of no one, when it comes to airing his mind on certain issues. Recently, a popular pastor, Joshua Iginla gifted 32 cars to veteran actors to celebrate his birthday, and this didn’t go down well with freeze.

He took to his page, and described the act as a form of slavery, he went on to say, it was uncalled for to have gifted the items to celebrities, when the sources where from members who offered their money as offerings and tithe.

He went on to say he will never attend the church of a man who is married to a new wife, without been divorced from his previous marriage.

In his words: “he hasn’t made a move to get a divorce from his last wife, yet he is happily married to a new one. In short he conducted a polygamous wedding. He has conducted a wedding of my friend’s estranged husband who was marrying for the third time. Am I suppose to iron my clothes and wear my shoes and go there every Sunday to fall under his anointing? How long is Nigeria going to continue being enslaved? The big question is, why did he give the bulk of SUV s to celebrities? Funds from people for tithe and offering.”