Nigerian actress Caroline Uduak Abasi Ekanem was born on 26 June 1980, she is popularly known as Caroline Danjuma.

The actress who was absent on screens for a long time is back again as she featured in a new TV series titled “royal castles.”

The actress seems to have moved on from the death of her former lover Tagbo Umeike and the controversy she was involved in with Davido.

Speaking on her two movie production ‘in the cupboard’ and ‘stalker’ produced three years ago she said that the money she used in the production was not recovered as piracy in Nigeria ripped her.

Caroline said that the few cinemas that are in the country are not helping matters as they require 70-75% of what is made from the movie.

She went further to say that is why she as paused in the production aspect she said “these have discouraged me from producing because I am not a ‘monkey that would work for a baboon to eat’. After my movie is pirated, the cinema will also take 70 per cent of what I have worked for? It doesn’t make sense.”

Ekanem was born to a Scottish father and a Nigerian mother. She is the first of 3 children. She studied Environmental Protection Management, Geography and Regional Planning at University of Calabar

Caroline dated 2Face Idibia during her early period in the film industry. She was less frequent in Nollywood after her marriage to Musa Danjuma, the younger brother of Theophilus Danjuma in 2007. The union produced 2 sons and a daughter but they were separated in 2016.


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