Famous Kannywood actor Adam Zango popularly known as ‘Fresh Prince’ has been hit with rumour that he is gay. 

Denying the rumour and many others in a post on his Instagram, Fresh Prince also hit out at the rumour mongers.

The post: “I am not gay, or beggar or an atheist, I don’t involve myself in dark magic and I don’t associate with fortune tellers. I didn’t go to anybody and beg for money because I am contented with what I have. Nobody gave me free money without working for it. I said nobody including politicians, traditional rulers or government or rich individuals, anything you see in my possession I got it through my hard work and sweat.

“The only thing you can do to stop me is to kill me, and my life and soul are with God. You cannot do anything to stop me. Haters why would you be fabricating lies against me? They defamed and assassinated my character, I am far ahead of you.

“You called me an unbeliever, gay, fornicator and yet my fans are still with me, they always buy my films and songs. What did I do for you? Anybody that I pushed to go up they would come back fighting me.”