Fast rising artiste Bonkwe, who has wooed Nigerians with his single ‘Na You I Go Marry’ has said that he doesn’t think that money and fame can change who he is. He admits being a simple person from a very humble background.

He said “The truth is that most of the artistes want to be like other successful ones, this is not right, in this game, being real is everything. Artistes lie a lot, they live fake lives, I am true to myself, I am me, I want to be me, I don’t want to be any other person, I want to be real and stay real in this game, and I also want to put out real materials. That’s how I intent to stay relevant in this game. The moment you try to be someone else, you lose your place in the industry. That’s the truth.”

He went on to say “I decided to make it professional when I realized my passion for music was greater than anything else. Also my boss, L.A. Kashmire was another reason I decided to go professional because of the way he believed in me. He encouraged me to believe in myself. L.A Kashmire is my boss and the C.E.O of Kashmire Records, the label I am signed to…I want to make Africa proud. I am not here to get rich and get arrogant because we know pride goes before destruction. Good music is all I care about.