One of Socrat safo’s lead actresses in most of his movies. Baby Blanche has revealed why she does not star in other movie productions other than Socrates movie.

In a chat with Baby she revealed to NigeriaFilms.Com that she was not starring in other people’s productions because most of the production houses who wanted her services only called her for deep s-x roles and as a results tried to take advantage of her because they believed she was more into s-x roles than anything else.

She continued that although she didn’t see anything wrong with s-x scenes, it didn’t mean that production houses should always be giving her scripts that demanded that she went fully naked in their movies amidst others with bad offer.

Reacting to whether it was affecting her career as an actress , she said she was okay with her position in the industry and always ready for any script from other production houses which were a bit decent than the other offers she had gotten.

“Just recently, I starred in a new production with Ramzy Noah in a movie directed by Kobbi Rana and in the movie I never went n-d- or played any s-x role but the producer was very glad he employed my services.”Through this movie. I will like the public to know that I am not only good in playing s-x roles” she added

Baby Blanche is a promising actress who was discovered by controversial movie producer and director. Socrates Safo under Movie Africa productions. She has starred in Movies like Hot Fork, Adults Only, What s-x Can Do, among others.

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