Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China has not been as active as he used to be before the rape scandal that almost destroyed his career in London.  He has not been composing hit songs which he blamed on the radio stations.  

 He denied that he is no longer in demand in the music industry.

He is not happy that people still refer back to the rape scandal “The rape scandal is the only thing I regret because it was uncalled for. But in life, one will have highs and lows. I wish it never happened. If it was a crime I committed, I would not feel bad about all that I went through. It was all over the Internet and I find it traumatic when people refer to it. “

He added “ If Nigeria was like the United Kingdom or America, I would have made millions suing people for always referring to that episode because the courts declared me innocent.”

Talking about not releasing hit tracts “It is not my fault. These days, if the radio stations don’t play your songs consecutively, it goes off the radar.  Even marketers are no longer interested in the business because you can easily download every song you want. There are close to three million sites where you can download any music of your choice. I come from that era where we made money from copy sales. We did not depend on radio or TV stations. Now, if you are not ready to pay bulk money to radio and TV stations, they won’t promote your music” he said