I bleached my skin because Mide Martins mocked me – Actress Habibat Jinad

Actress Habibat Jinad has disclosed how an incident that occurred between her and her senior colleague, Mide Martins, led her to bleach her skin.

According to the actress, the ugly incident happened on the set of a movie directed by Mide’s husband, Afeez Owo.

She alleged that while blaming her for a colleague’s mistake, Mide insulted her skin color in front of the entire crew, likening her complexion to that of a monkey.

These derogatory remarks deeply affected Habibat, leading her to consider skin bleaching in an attempt to conform to societal standards.

“At a rehearsal ground at Afeez Owo’s set, something happened, a colleague of mine did something and I wasn’t the one who did that thing and they said we should kneel.
“Mrs. Mide Martins was there, my boss was there and some other people and Mide Martins compared it to a monkey’s skin. And it got to me. She even complained about my skin, saying I was too dark and this made me contemplate bleaching my skin to please her and others,” Habibat explained.