Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas, has gotten some natural endowment that tends to cause stir whenever she steps her feet into any function and she guilds them with swag.

A toast of many Yoruba movie producers, the actress is not slowing down in making herself a brand to reckon with as she shuttles between acting and being an entrepreneur and hoping to set up more business empires in due time.

Having enjoyed a bitter side rumours here and there, the actress seems to have developed thick skin and is flowing along with how things unveil itself to her. Despite being single, Bimbo sure has taste for a quality man who should be a husband material.

The actress in a recent interview disclosed that her kind of man should be very intelligent and full of courage and importantly, he must be rich because poverty is a bad thing.

On what strikes her in a man, she told New Telegraph, “You should have come straight and asked what will make me want a man? And I’d tell you unequivocally that I look out for intelligence with courage plus affluence. Poverty is not a good thing.”