Nollywood actress, Marie Ebuka, in this interview talks about how she started acting, her love for the industry and what initially put her off from the career she loves so much. Marie Ebuka in her own words.

I am the last child of my parents. I have two elder brothers and one sister. I was born in Lagos and I am from the Igbo speaking part of Delta State. I wanted to become a Petroleum Engineer, because I was a good science student but I later changed my mind. But Theatre Arts was the last thing on my mind. I never thought I could make a career out of acting. I later got admission in to the University of Lagos to study Philosophy.

On acting
I started acting when I was in the university. My acting career started in year 2001 when I was introduced to Zeb Ejiiro Zeb gave me my first break in ‘Gentle Solution’ and that was how my career in acting started. I have featured in several movies and soap operas But most especially I have been able to carve a niche for myself as an action movie actress. I just love to be where the action is.

On sex for role
Before my break into the industry. I have heard a lot of negative things about the industry. How you must know somebody that is well connected to get a role in a movie. And how some actresses had to sleep around to be able to feature in a movie. That was a put off for me. Although, I wanted to be an actress I did not want any part of that. I wasn’t that desperate to do whatever it takes to be seen on screen. I didn’t know anybody in the industry and really didn’t know where to start from. But I had hope and I was sure someday if I was destined to become an actress, I would meet someone who is in the industry that will spot my talent and give me the break I needed.

And I did. What I heard about the industry initially was a put off for me. I was not ready to give my body in exchange for a role in a movie, so I lost interest in acting and concentrated on my studies. I remembered that my parents were initially against my having a career in acting. But I insisted, I let them know my love for acting and they later gave their blessings.

A lot of actresses are so desperate. They hang around producers’ offices till late at night all for a role. And I think they are the ones that are actually throwing themselves at the producers and directors. Because if you don’t hang around after an audition for whatever reason(s) no one will make an indecent proposal to you. I don’t lobby for a part I have never. If I am right for a part I will surely get the part.

On nude scene
I don’t think I can bare it all in a movie. I can’t play a nude scene. It has nothing to do with whether I have a perfect figure or not. Of course, I am a very beautiful woman with the right curves, but I just can’t bare it all in front of the camera. Yes, I have done semi-nude scene before. I did a scene like that in one of my movies ‘President Must Not Die’. I can back the camera and take off my clothes, if the role demands it. And that is as far as I would go.

On dating
I have always been an independent woman right from my university days. I have done odd jobs to be able to pay my bills. I never liked running back to my parents to help me out financially. Life has not been all that rosy for me at one point or the other, friends have helped out with my bills. If I need something I like to be able to get it by myself I don’t like asking another person for help. I have never dated a man that is in the same industry. I don’t see them as men that are really looking for a long lasting relationship.

I see them as colleagues and that is it. The men just want to have their fun and go brag about it. I have been heartbroken before. And it hurts so bad that it affected my acting career. I had to stop acting for sometime. But I got over it. I learned my lesson. Love is a serious thing I like to get to know a man before I can start talking about love