In recent times and weeks, fans familiar with the Nollywood terrain have decried the rate at which some movie producers and directors have allowed their female characters to interprete their roles which involves them showing their oranges.

 Most of these roles fall under those movie makers who try to use a village settings to tell their stories and in wanting to make it look real, they decided to make their female character go the extra mile of showing off their oranges and these many have criticized in various ways.

For actress cum producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, she told that there are various ways by which such parts can be done without just throwing it at the audience like that.

She believes that as a professional film maker who needs things to be done the right way, they need to first put the personality involved in the role into consideration before deciding how the script will be interpreted without creating unhealthy perception among the audience.

Airing her opinion with on nudity in Nollywood movies, she says, “It depends on the role, if I am working with an actor and she needs to deliver a film where I need to see some skin, I will make sure I see that skin but in making sure we see the skin, we do not make it vulgar, we don’t dehumanize who she is, I let everybody go off set and it will be just me and the cinematographer so that she is comfortable. There are so many ways we can blur the b00bs from showing but anybody that decides to be fully naked is doing it because they want to do it because there are so many ways they can do it, they can wear a full body suit that actually makes you it look real.”

She further noted that although the village setting of showing off skin or parts of the skin is a long traditional way but in modern day society of telling stories, she will not support such ideas neither will she accept such role as an actress.

Blessing stressed that a film maker that insist it should be done that way is only allowing it on his own will, but warned that despite the loss of moral sanity in the society, movie makers needs to caution themselves with what they plan to dish out.

“For the village scene where people actually dance around, its epic you know, that is how they use to dress in the past. If a film maker decides to go that way and decides to have women jumping around with their b00bs then it’s the film maker’s choice but I wouldn’t do that anyway because it is a bit too much for me rather I will find other ways of showing skin than just popping it on people’s face. I don’t know if Nigeria has gotten there yet because we know a lot of crazy things are happening, the moral standards in Nigeria is dead and gone, a lot of p0rno-graphy happening but it shouldn’t allow film makers to go crazy as well, let’s try and be a bit discipline,” she added.