In a country like Nigeria where lots of priorities are given to the way of life of each and every culture in the society, an individual only needs to be careful on the kind of Western culture they try to adapt to.

Especially these days that we find men especially doing jobs meant for women like hair making and the likes, it’s sometimes not easy for them to maintain their male personality as some start acting like the female folks because they deal more with them.

Such people, their manner of walking begins to change from male to female ways and they braid their hairs and wear studs just to feel belong and the end result of this is that the society tends to tag them as g@ys of which some of them are not.

For fasting rising fashion designer and model, Hagai Joshua, who hails from Bayelsa state, he has always been a victim of such allegations but he has been able to accept his personalities while craving for his passion in fashion.


While speaking with during the just concluded Africa Fashion week, the chap who stole the red carpet with his yellow colour outfit explained that studying Theatre Arts at the Igbenedion University, Okada, was to mold him into who he is today.

He stressed that the society has not been fair to him as he has been tagged with all kinds of name but he is happy that his family loves him the way he is and his girl lover who never abandons him.

“I am a model and an upcoming designer but as a model, I have faced a lot of challenges because if you really want to be a perfect model and a very creative one at that and you are walking on the street and you want to portray a look called mannequin and the next thing people will begin to wonder if you are normal, this can be so annoying but we thank God for everything.

“A lot of people have asked if I’m a g@y, he is so famine and different comments; the truth is this is just me, this is just my style but the truth is I am not g@y. I’m in a relationship with my girl lover (smiles),” he explained to