“I broke up with him because he could not take care of my needs and I cannot see myself suffering or spending for a guy. If you want to marry me, I think you should be able to take good care of me. You don’t need to give me everything, you don’t need to give me the world. I Just want little, like take this money, go and do your hair. Take this money, travel, take a flight and all that. You need to show some concern, show me that you are a man. Let me see and feel the man in the house. You don’t have to tell me you are a man, you have to show it. So why do I have to keep suffering over a man who cannot take care of my needs? My ex is loving but he’s not somebody that can take care of my needs and that’s why I broke up with him.” Actress Uche Iwuji tells Encomium mag when asked why she broke up with her ex

Did she say – “take this money, go and do your hair”? I’m hoping she was misquoted.
That’s seriously not something young girls who look up actresses as role models should read