“I WAS not part of Living in Bondage but when they ran into trouble with the editing they invited me to come and help out so I was privy to all that happened within the project itself. NEK knew next to nothing about production processes so when the credits were being cut, Okey asked to be given credit for something within the production. NEK asked what he wanted and he said he should be given the credit of Producer so NEK not knowing how well the film would do and most likely believing that it would be a flop, agreed to his request. That was how Okechukwu became producer of Living In Bondage. I personally have nothing against that. It is something that is between both of them and I admire the courage of the project in the first place which is what has brought all of us to this point right now.

“The major reason why Okey, Kananyo and Ngozi Nwosu were not part for the Part Two of the film was because of issues of money. NEK sent Okey to Onitsha to represent him at an occasion and Okechukwu was introduced as the producer of Living In Bondage. On hearing that JBM who was planning a production of his own and who wanted to cash in on the increasing popularity of Living In Bondage contacted Okey and asked him to come and produce Circle Of Doom for him. Okey called Ngozi and KOK to join him in the project. JBM got them a house at Ogosco and paid them a lot of money so by the time NEK was set to shoot the Part Two of Living in Bondage, they were already deep into the production processes of CIRCLE OF DOOM they demanded four hundred thousand naira each from him. He refused to pay and he had to drop them.

“That is the true story, anybody who tells you anything else is not telling you the true story. ”

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