Nollywood film director Alex Joseph opens up to Gift Genius Wokoma that he never had a fight with John Dumelo over a girl. The interview was riotous as Alex Joseph did his best to match up with Gift

What movie project have you been working on lately?
Ans: A Historical movie titled: Brass “The fight for freedom”

What did you consider before accepting to be part of the movie industry?
Ans: My Considerations was reaching out to the world with my Talents

Are there movie stars you are not comfortable working with as a director?
Ans: I am accommodating and relating person so I worked and can work with any star.

Why do you always show humanity at all time: is it your deception of attracting people, especially the female folks?
Ans: Hahahahahahahaha!!! I am just as simple as the LORD has created me to be.

How do you handle female fans as a director now that you are into big movie projects?
Ans: Well female fans? Wow!!!!!!! I treat my fans equal both females and males.

Do you have a lover?
Ans: Yes

It was a rumor that you had a fight with John Dumelo over girlfriend in isaka, Rivers state. What’s your say on it?
Ans: What!!! Where did you get that from? I and John Dumelo had no fight, he is a friend’ by the way if we should have a fight for any reason it can’t be a girl’s sake Jeeeeeessss

So why did he leave the movie camp without completing his roles in the movie?
Ans: John Dumelo left because he did his bits

But he left the camp not completing his role?
Yes but not because of girl. See, the truth is we never had a fight

There is insinuation that directors are great flirt. What’s your say on that?
Ans: As humans we have the rights to live the way we choose. If you wish to be a flirt its fine but don’t be criminal about it. For me I am a Christian and would not do anything that will be abominable before GOD.

Are you enjoying directing to acting?

Did you attend a directing course or acquire a formal education in film directing in any institution?
Ans: Still on it

Do you think your directing skill will help improve the quality of movie that would be produced?
Ans: Sure! With GOD on my side, achieving it is guaranteed

In every business obstacle are ever present, what is the toughest challenges you have faced so far?
Ans: Working with the wrong person as part of a crew is super challenge

When you scout for an actor or actress, what specific qualities do you look for?
Ans: In summary perfect or nearest perfect role interpreter

You look very fashionable, what’s your interest?
Ans: I was going ask you same question, well! I think being well-fashioned should be everybody’s business

How do you relax?
Ans: I relax when and how I feel is fine for my body

Thank you for interview
Ans: you are welcome!