One of the entertainment writers recently took on the image of Terry G, why it will be a difficult task getting any serious brand for Terry G.

Read on, “Brands are handled by specialists! These Specialists want to key the brands they are managing into big brands with huge value adding potentials. No brand wants to be associated with poverty, low lives, drunkards or marijuana smokers! It is a class thing.

These professionals know that image is everything so you don’t toil with how people see you. They also know that the maxim that says “show me your friends and I can tell who you are” is 100 percent correct so they run these big brands with these laws making sure they don’t associate their brands with brands that pass wrong messages.

Unfortunately Terry G has failed woefully in this area of his musical career which is very key in today’s entertainment set up world over.

The likes of Tuface, Psquare, Dbanj, Sammy Okposo, BasketMouth, even Davido who just arrived are making humongous income through brand endorsements.

The fact is, Terry G is meant to be among Nigerian musicians milking the new wave of celebrity income generation- brand endorsements.

He commands huge attention in the Nigerian music industry especially when you look at the fact that we are now in a global attention driven economy . Terry G has the swag and huge influence needed to make any product or service popular in this part of the world but he has ignorantly modeled his brand to represent “Agberos” and no sane brand wants to be associated with that kind of personality.

He can’t even get lucky with Dry Gin companies because they are also after class. When Terry G went to NowMusic, I thanked God because I know they could have helped repackage him but again his stubborn self worked against him, he didn’t last with the NowMusic family! Its a pity. The only solution is to re brand by re-inventing himself into a new and more commercial brand that makes him appealing to the corporate headquarters of big multinationals like MTN, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, Globacom, AirTel etc.

Its good that he has shaved his dreadlocks but that’s the physical step, he has to also shave it psychologically too so his fans can see a matured Terry G who does a brand of music that has meaning and commands respect!” Oge said.