The sensational singer, Yinka Ayefele got a rude shocker yesterday morning when he learnt that his N200m building will be pulled down by the Oyo State Government.

According to his publicist, Ayefele was not given any prior notice about the demolition and he was shocked to hear about it this yesterday morning.

The ibadan based singer, Ayefele went ahead to church and later went to perform at an event as if nothing happened but many people have continued to criticize Gov Ajimobi for his demolition policies.

His publicist writes, “This N200million edifice has in its belly, two magnificent halls, an internet radio station, a standard studio and several offices. It also provides job for about 100 people and that places it among top employers of labor in Oyo State. This is Yinka Ayefele Music House that has being marked for demolition by Oyo State government.

From the government quarters, “The government wants to expand the road to an 8-lane road being proposed by the state government. The road and the house will be affected and there is nothing anybody can do about it.”