I ditched law for content creation because… – Bro Bouche

Actor and content creator, Ogunleye Oluwatosin, aka Bro Bouche, has shed light on why he ditched his law career for content creation.

According to the skit maker, his decision was based on financial constraints.

Bro Bouche, who started his journey as a stage actor during his second year at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, fully delved into content creation in 2015.

He said, “Upon returning from law school, I pursued roles in movies, although it was quite demanding. Despite the challenges, I cherished every audition experience. When faced with financial strain, I leaned more into content creation, while still managing my commitment to acting. Ultimately, my passion for acting remained a driving force throughout.”

Speaking on the difference between him and other content creators, Bro Bouche said, “I can confidently say that I truly immerse myself in my performances. Whether it is in my content creation or elsewhere, I approach it with the mindset of embodying a character in a movie. My penchant for dialogue adds a distinctive touch to my works, setting me apart from others.”

Bouche also maintained that fame cannot change his personality.

He said, “I have always been a popular person since my days in the university. I have been used to popularity for some time, and it cannot change me from the kind of person I am. I always stay true to myself.”