I found fulfillment acting like a fool in The Johnson – Samuel Ajibola

Nollywood comic actor, Samuel Ajibola, popularly known as Spiff, has described his role on the popular sitcom, The Johnsons, as fulfilling.

The actor, who acted as a fool in the sitcom which is about to end, thanked God for the opportunity, and stated that shooting the sitcom was fun for the cast and crew.

He said, “It is fulfilling to hear people talk about how much the show has impacted their lives, and how much laughter they have had. I enjoyed the exposure and reception. I got fulfillment from playing a fool to make people laugh and levitate my career. I thank God for giving me that rare opportunity to be on a show that ran for that long. We shot almost 2,000 episodes.

“We had fun while we worked. Sometimes, during rehearsals, there was a lot of humour. It is not like we were just sitting in one place doing the same thing over and again.”

On the projects he had been involved in since leaving The Johnsons in 2021, he said, “I am transitioning from being an actor to becoming a full time director and producer. I have worked on people’s films, TV series and animations. Basically, I have had the time to do every other thing I had wanted to do. We used to shoot hundreds of episodes (on The Johnsons) and it was really challenging. But, I enjoyed the exposure and reception.”

Spiff also urged his fans to look forward to the next character he would play, because ‘nothing lasts forever’.

He added, “Being an actor is about interpreting different roles, so I would enjoy acting as a lover boy, lawyer or married man.”