Sola Asedeko is a multi-talented actress who has carved a niche for herself in professional acting. She came to the limelight after her excellent role in Mainframe’s chartbuster movie, ‘Abeni’ and since then, she has been exhibiting high sense of creativity in role delivery. She talks about her passion for her profession in this interview with SEYI AKANBI.

What has been your motivating factor?
The major thing that keeps me going is the fact that the industry is improving on a daily basis. If you watch most of the movies we are producing now, you will agree with me that we are really improving and that is the only factor that keeps me moving. I see myself as part of the change. Gone are the days when mediocrity is celebrated.

Are you saying there are no more mediocre in the industry?
It is an irrefutable fact that mediocrees still exist, but I need to posit that people no longer celebrate mediocrity. Everybody is laying hand on chartbuster movies that will serve as a new platform to build on towards reaching the future we all envisioned. While I cannot point at anyone as a mediocre, I have some we can still look up to for inspiration. Change flows from within, and I can see that our perspectives about the movie-world have changed; people now demand better productions. So, the few ones behind would soon join others to do good jobs that our audience would watch and clap.

In case you decide to leave the industry now, what do you think people would miss about you?
How would I know what they would miss? I suppose they should be the one to know what they would miss about me. I don’t know how I am doing and neither can I rate myself; the audience are the ones to ascertain what they would miss about me. Mine is to give my best in every production I am involved in it is now left for people to appraise my performance, and if I am no longer around, they would know what they miss about me. But none of those who ever called me mentioned what he/she liked about me, they only told me that I am doing fine and that I should keep it up.

Apart from telling you to keep it up, are there not occasions when men among them would ask for your love?
Of course yes! It is just a matter of approach; I do not see any big deal when a man asks out a lady. It is a free world. But the main issue is how the lady sees and handles it, that does not mean one should go out with all men. The truth is, I am a very busy type, so I do not have time for any relationship that has no reason or basis, and more so, barely can any guy walk up to a lady and ask for her love just like that unless that lady has shown a cue that she is interested. It is a normal thing for guys to express their feelings and it is another thing for a lady to either accept or turn it down friendly and maturely.

What about those who would insist?
What is my business with that, so far he would not “steal” me through the phone conversations. And moreover, I am too busy for any unfounded relationship.

Does that mean you are not in any relationship currently?
Why wouldn’t I. Am I not old enough to be in a relationship? I have a man in my life.

Is he in the movie industry?
No. I don’t mix my career with relationship.

What do you normally look for in a man?
Just like what every lady loves about a man. Being tall, dark and handsome, that’s all. And besides, I love trustworthy and faithful guys.

What has been your relationship with your male colleagues in the industry?
Very cordial, but strictly business. They are wonderful people, so anytime we meet on set, we play, gist and talk, after the production, we only speak on phone except we meet at occasions.

What about going out with a notable director or marketer?
See, I do not need to go out with anybody before making it. Providence has brought me this far, so I thank God.

What about the general opinion that almost every lady in the industry has a “pillar” to fall back on?
The only thing I can say is that “Isale oro legbin,” uneasy lies the head that wears a crown ,so to say. But all the same, sleeping around does not make someone popular. Even if you do not only sleep, but you also pack your luggage and move into a marketer’s house, that does not guarantee your prospect. If you are not good, and you go about sleeping with directors, marketers and producers, you will not be noticed. But if you are talented, good and creative, you do not need to sleep with anybody before making it. All you need is an avenue to prove yourself. If you are given a chance once, your performance will determine the next level of your career.

How did your journey into the industry start?
I had been doing stage plays before I went for ‘Narrow Path’ audition; fortunately, I was selected to play Awero in ‘Narrow Path.’ It was during the production that the producer of ‘Abeni’ saw me and believed in my potentials, so he decided I would be good for the role, which God helped me to do perfectly. ‘Abeni’ served as the major platform for my stardom.

If you are to narrate the story of your life in a sentence, is there a name that must not be omitted?
It is God’s name. It’s been God. Though, many people have, in one time or the other, lent hands of assistance, I am strongly convinced that God used them to move me forward. So, God has been the only one sustaining me. God has been there for me since I was born till now; I thank Him for his favour and mercies over my life.

How fashionable are you?
I am very simple and modest in dressing. You too can see how I dressed; what can you say about it?

Maybe because this place is a church?
That is not the point; I am who I am, irrespective of my location. I am me and I enjoy being me anytime of the day, location doesn’t matter.

But most of you actresses live fake lives?
That’s true. But the fact is I do not need to live a fake life because my original life is superb and interesting. Why do I need to copy someone else’s lifestyle? It’s amount to restricting my destiny. I love the way I am living my life.

What can you say about sexual harassment saga in the industry?
Ask those who claimed they’ve been sexually harassed, they themselves are promiscuous. Birds of thesame feather flock together. Where were they when they were harassed and what did they wear? All these questions should be answered before believing someone was sexually harassed or not. My own advice is that ladies should dress the way they want to be addressed. If a man sees you responsibly, he treats you responsibly and vice versa. And mark you; I don’t think any man can harass me because I am always up and down. Always busy on profitable projects.

What are you doing presently?
I am working with Indicator Media where we produce magazines for the Lagos State government, I am doing my masters degree and at the same time, I am working on a movie titled ‘Rehab.’

How was your growing up?
I grew up like every other girl. I did not have any major challenge growing up.

Who is Sola Asedeko?
I am from a family of eight, six girls and two boys; I am the sixth born. I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos and I am doing my Masters’ Degree in Public Administration. I am from Epe in Lagos State.