Many words have been used to describe Mike Ezuronye, the man many believe displaced Ramsey Nouah among which is heartbreaker. But the fine looking star actor who came into public consciousness, in 2005 told SAMUEL OLATUNJI that he is everything but a heart breaker. He also reveals that he doesn’t pay his female fans in kind.

How does it feel to go through so much stress all in the name of acting?
Though tiring, it is fulfilling. The demand is quite much but we have to keep doing what we know how to do best.

I’m sure the money you’re making is worth your while?
I don’t know about that, but we thank God for everything.

Is it true you are making lots of money?
Let me just say I can afford to pay certain bills and attend to some needs.

Recently you were in America for a tour..?
(cuts in) I was there, but not for the tour I didn’t go for it because I had a certain disagreement with their contract. The conditions were not right.

How does it feel when fans are all over you when you go out of the country?
Trust me, the love we get outside the country is great and enormous. It is so large. But to me, it means people are watching me and I have to improve on what I’m doing.

Is acting all you wanted to do at the beginning?
Let is just say acting chose me. While growing up, I have been involved in acting one way or the other. But professionally, I was dragged into it by Ruke Amata.

Which was your first movie and which year was that?
Funny enough, my first movie hasn’t seen the light of the day. The film was shot in 2005. The movies that took me into people’s consciousness are Broken Marriage and Critical Decision.

An A-list actor said you have displaced Ramsey Nouah?
I am not going to say I’ve displaced anybody. Let’s not forget that Ramsey is one actor you cannot disrespect at all because whether we like it or not as a result of Ramsey, we have a lot of young men in the industry today. Everybody has its own talent, so nobody can displace anybody and I have respect for Ramsey anyday anytime. He is one of the greatest actors Nollywood has ever produced.

I heard that a lot of women are finding abode under your tent?
If you see women around me, it’s just that they appreciate my work. I’m only building my tent in Nollywood where I express my craft with passion.

Are there women who want to go the extra-mile for you?
I don’t know about that. All I know is that when people appreciate my works, I thank them in return.

Do you appreciate them in cash or in kind?
You are getting me wrong. I don’t appreciate them in cash or kind. Its just an act of goodwill, a smile, and thank you very much.

Has being on TV changed your life?
Most definitely. It has its merit and demerits. Demerit in the sense that your privacy is taken away from you. Some people are out to see you make a wrong move while some are out to crash your image without any reason. The merit is that doors open up for you here and abroad. People welcome you to their homes, you are given a lot of pleasure and people are happy. To me, that is very fulfilling.

I learnt that the Ghanaians are taking over the market because the marketers want to use them as market leverage in Ghana, how true is that?
We should be our brothers’ keeper. If there is any alliance, it is okay but the people who run the industry should know how to balance the equation.

Are you not feeling the pinch like other actors?
I don’t want to sound selfish, but I’ll like to thank God.

How many movies do you do in a month?
When you get to a level, you have to be very careful. I do a lot of screening regarding the scripts I take and that is why I don’t think I do more than two movies in a month.

You’ve been accused of many things and one of them is that you kiss passionately on set, what do you say to that?
This is the first time I’m hearing that. I just do my thing and get out of there.

Which actress do you enjoy working with most?
I have a working relationship with every actress, both the upcoming and the stars. My motto is to be as natural as possible. If you want me to be friendly, I will be friendly and if you want me to be harsh, I will be harsh and you will forget that you are watching a movie.

I read something about you taking a girl abroad and dumping her?
I told you earlier that some people want to scratch your image. I don’t need to disrespect the magazine, but you are different from them. You don’t write junk. Why will I need to borrow from somebody? My father used to tell me that a borrower, would go a sorrowing. I can afford to buy certain amenities with what I do. I never borrowed from any girl, it is so unfounded.

Why do you think such allegation was made against you?
I told you that people just want to scratch your image. Those junk magazines don’t disturb my life. But when it gets too much, people starts doubting them.

Have you had any fan who has gone to the extreme with her emotions or her anger with you?
That happens all the time. One of such is an experience I had sometime ago was when I was outside the country. Some group of fans walked up to me, I think they are from Aruba, in the Carribeans and they were so crazy, the madness was too much and my cloth got torn and I had to buy another shirt at the mall.

Which of your movies has been most memorable?
Lots of them, I cant pick anyone now, I just put my best in all I do.

Who is the lucky woman in your life?
She doesn’t want to be made public now. By God’s grace, if we get married, you will know her. But, I’m into a relationship.

How many times have you fallen in love?
No comment.

How many frogs have you kissed before meeting your Princess?
(laughs) I’ve not. I guess I don’t like talking about my relationships. Let’s put it this way, you have to pass through darkness to get to dawn.

What is it that you look for in a woman?
She has to be God-fearing because He is the reason why I’m here today. He has put me on this pedestral and she must have a good character and be down-to-earth. Those are the basic qualities. She also has to be beautiful.

Is Mike a heart breaker?
I don’t consider myself to be a heart breaker.

How do you end a relationship that you feel cannot work?
Relationship starts with two people it is a mutual agreement. And if it should end, it should be mutual.

When is Mike getting married and what does love means to you?
When that time comes you will know. Love is a feeling where you float in happiness and joy and you don’t feel any hurt.