Cameroon-born, Nigerian-based Nanou Binga  who won Miss Diamond beauty pageant is not a fan of nudity and feels that she has a body that attracts people to me even if she doesn’t  wear a bikini.  The beauty queen who lives with her parents  confesses that she loves the Igbo guys better in Nigeria.

Nanou said : “Nigerian guys are accommodating once they know that you are not a Nigerian. Funny enough, I tend to blend more with the Igbo guys; they seem to be real but at the end of the day, they are not. I once met an Igbo guy who said to me, ‘Don’t lie to me because I don’t lie.’ I was so happy because I felt I had met a truthful guy, but at the end of the day, I discovered he was a born liar.”

She has never been heartbroken “No. I don’t trust anyone; I’ve been in situations where I took some people as very good friends, but at the end of the day, they turned their backs on me. So now, when I meet people, I take them from the negative to the positive, so that when they do something hurtful to me, I don’t get shocked. I tend to please people and displease myself, like when they come to me for money, the little I have, I give but getting it back becomes a problem.”

She added “This is how it works for me; if you tell me things about yourself, I just start working on them while I watch you. I try to study you unlike before when you tell me you are white and I believe and just start following you like that.”