Nollywood actress Queeneth Agbor  doesn’t believe that her b00bs are a burden to her. She dresses to suit every part of her body because she is proud of how she looks when she steps out. However, there was a time she wished for a bigger backside.

She said “My b00bs can never be a burden. If you see any part of your body as a burden, then that means you are questioning God. Every part of my body is perfect, including my boobs. I love all parts. I am proud of how I look…I used to wish my backside was bigger but I no longer do that. If you crave for a big bum, there are so many exercises that could help you achieve that. You can get big bum if you go to the gym. By the time you do some exercises religiously, the thing will come out.

The only thing you may not be able to change is your height. But then, if you want to be tall, there are so many high heel shoes, you go for them. If you want to be short, then you wear flats.”

Queeneth talks about clothing “I wear clothes that suit me.

 You might buy a top that you like and you wear it and you find out that the top is revealing. I have large boobs and any time I wear a top, my cleavage must show because of the size of my breast. I don’t go out of my way to buy tops so that I would show off my cleavage.”