Kamal former manager of Davido has revealed that the singer did not fire him instead he fired the singer. Kamal managed him for 4 years but Davido recently said he sacked him during the year.

The singer claimed on social media, that Kamal was diabolic and fetish during his stay with him.

Kamal who was initially mute on the allegations has come out blasting the singer, saying he couldn’t have been sacked by Davido.

He vehemently appealed that it was he that dumped the singer.

He said, “Davido didn’t give me the sack via social media. He was in Gabon when he wrote ‘I am now my own manager’ on Snapchat. Funnily, I was the one who drove him to the airport.

Before then, we had had conversations about moving forward and I realised that what he wanted was different from mine. I wanted something bigger for him, but he was comfortable with what he wanted to do.”

“I was prepared for it; I was the one who left voluntarily. It was something I thought about for a while. I wanted something I could control. This doesn’t mean I couldn’t control him, but Davido is a lot of pieces. When an artiste is big like he is, trust me it is not easy to control him.

I didn’t lose control over him, but it got to a point where we had different goals.”

While stating that he had lost a big benefactor in the music industry, in the person of Davido, he lashed out at critics who believe his exit from the is affecting his career

Kamal stated, “I have to push on, I presently manage another artiste.”

“we are still cool. I still see him as a friend and family member despite the fall out and how we ended the contract, “he concluded.