Acting is a talent, and not everyone that chooses the profession is able to execute their roles perfectly.

Over time, when actors are asked, if they have ever been turned on while on a movie set, or get attached to a co-actor after acting a romantic scene, they often say no.
Although I use to wonder the possibility of not getting turned on after lying under a duvet with a charming lady half naked, or sharing a passionate kiss and romantic scenes on set and as a human being you still don’t get turned on.
Meanwhile an actor has recently revealed that she enjoys turning the opposite sex on, while on set, as that’s defines how well she interpreted her role correctly.
Bella Ebinum might not be a popular Face, but this screen diva definitely knows her onions, and she often takes up romantic role in movies.
In a recent interview with Vanguard, the light skin Diva disclosed that men often lose their cool while on set with her.
 In her words: “I zero my mind when acting a romantic scene so I won’t be turned on. I make it look so real to the extent that some actors get turned on. Whenever this happens, I am happy that I am interpreting my role well and I feel like a real woman.”