Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey, popularly known as Goldie, is one of the female singers making waves in Nigeria at the moment. She shot to the limelight sometimes ago when she came out with her single, Komole. In this interview with BAYO ADEOYE, the light-complexioned lady, whose debut album is currently enjoying impressive airplay, talks about her music and love life, among others.

At the moment, you are one of the popular female singers in Nigeria. So, could you tell me how you were able to achieve this feat so soon after you came on the scene?

I think it is due to hard work, perseverance and prayers. Nothing comes easily in the industry; so, you just need to keep working and praying. I am not a top artiste yet, so I am still working very hard. When I become as popular as Oprah Winfried, I can then consider myself to be on top. So, I am still working towards that.

What was the attraction in music at the time you opted for it?

I have been in entertainment since my childhood. As a child, I knew I would end up being a musician. But I never knew how or when. Now, I have seven singles and videos to my credit, and I am now signed on to Kennis Music.

I actually started playing music with some of my white friends. Then, about four of us used to perform and entertain people in small gatherings and events in the UK. The name of the group was Goldie Girls. And that’s where I got the name Goldie. But it was fun then because we didn’t take it so seriously. Unfortunately, none of the other girls is into music now. So, when I came to Nigeria, I was involved in events packaging until one day when I when to Cool FM, Lagos, to do a jingle. So, one thing led to another and I thought I should start my career afresh.

Which of your singles will you describe as the best?

I would say all of them are okay. Komole was big and people really loved it; Spin Me was very popular and got to number one on MTV Base; and Kolobo was a good song that people really loved. So, I would say all of them are good.

Your current song, Mo le gbo ko lowo e, is currently creating controversy as people are insinuating that it was meant for your friend whom you allegedly snatched her boyfriend. How true is this?

(Laughs) The song is just a beautiful song that was produced by El Dee. I only went to see El Dee and I told him that I needed a good song that would cause some stir in the music scene; so, when we got into the studio, Eedris Abdulkareem came out with the idea of the track. So, it has nothing to do with husband snatching or something. I cannot snatch anybody’s man or fight over a man; I have enough men in my life that I can’t even handle. In fact, I feel like distributing them to my friends.

Could you tell me when you met your first love?

Yes, it was with a mate in the primary school. I was not even 10 years old, but I believed I loved him.

Is Goldie in a relationship now?

Yes, I am in relationship that can lead to marriage, but I don’t want to reveal it now. This is an industry where people don’t allow you to have your privacy. Everything you do comes into the public glare, but I am keeping my relationship to myself for now. I don’t like talking about myself, my family and things like that. And my family is also like that; we like keeping our things to ourselves. I am in a relationship, but I don’t like to elaborate on that.

But it is said that you are dating a white man?

I am in a relationship and I won’t tell you if he is a white or black man. But I am in a relationship with a man.

Can you marry a white man?

I can marry any man that loves me, whether white or black.

When are we expecting Goldie to be taken to the altar?

Everything happens in God’s time. I will definitely get married at His own time.

How romantic is Goldie?

I am a very romantic person and I love a man who is romantic. I am in love with the idea of being romantic.

Have you ever been heartbroken?

Of course, several times, but I don’t dwell on it. And I definitely won’t allow it to happen again.

Have you broken any man’s heart?

I know that when I turn down a toaster, I break his heart.