Charles Oputa , aka Charly Boy, recently gave out one of his daughters in marriage and he is still basking in the euphoria of the event .

Telling Sunday Scoop about how he felt on that day , he said , “ I had mixed feelings actually . I put in a lot of time in my daughter’ s upbringing and we bonded so well .

As a parent, you could sometime wish that your offspring would stay with you forever , but at a point , you have to let go.

I am happy that I ’ m letting go to someone who is a gentleman , considerate and thoughtful .

I wish her a happy married life . She has a good pedigree , and both the bride and groom ’ s parents have good marriages that have stood the test for time; that ought to count for something . ”

Describing the relationship he has with the daughter who got married , Adaeze , Charly Boy said , “ I have a very unique relationship with all my children .

They are not all treated the same because each kid is special in their unique ways. I don ’ t have one way of dealing with everybody.

There are different strokes for different folks .

I guess that ’ s the joy of parenting because not every kid would turn out the way you want him or her to .

Some are late starters , while some are early birds . ”

Meanwhile , prior to the wedding , a picture of Charly Boy and his daughter was released and it promptly went viral .

Speaking on the picture in which they both sat on a motorcycle , Charly said , “That picture was her idea.

She asked me to do a photo shoot with her and the concept was centered around two people stranded on a desert .

All my children have a bit of me in all of them and that ’ s only natural .

I didn ’ t intentionally make it that way by conditioning their minds towards anything .

I always tell my children to stay true to whom they really are , chase their dreams and be independent.

I also tell them not to neglect the values and principles that we hold sacred in the Oputa family .

I do whatever I want to do , and not what anybody tells me to .

I expect that my children are going to be the same way .

As long as it is a positive thing and it makes them happy , I would encourage them. I am their father and friend . ”