Grammy Awards winning singer, Angelique Kidjo, is one of Africa’s finest whose name cannot be forgotten so easily considering her effort towards promoting the African music across the globe which has also been able to compete with other songs in the world.

The singer was recently in Nigeria and she disclosed that as a celebrity, she does not like the idea of going on red carpets events due to the fake things they do there.

She explained that what gives her joy at events she attends is her ability to perform on stage and give good delivery but never ready to start posing for the camera because she is tomboy.

Speaking with New Telegraph, she said, “But the thing is, sometimes I go to Grammies and sometimes I do not, because I do not like Red Carpet; I do not like the fake stuff and everybody will just keep clamouring and all that; I tell you what, I don’t like it at all.

“I just like being on stage, having fun doing my thing, but all the star stuff around it, I’m just too much of a tomboy to be met at a corner and somebody telling me to pose, I do not pose, I do what I want to do.”