It is not every Nigerian who  know Ameyam Debrah but in Ghana, he is a celebrity blogger, who has made a name for himself.

 Interestingly, Nadia Buari, who attended the same secondary school  with the blogger has revealed what she knows about this guy.

Ameyam has been looking for love for a long time and early this year, he had told the world that he is in search of a wife too. However, he gave the specification of what he wants from a lady who will his kids. “I’m turning 35 this year and I think it’s a good time to look for a wife. Since I am hardly at the classic places where people meet and fall in love (school, church, work place or even nightclub ) I have to look for love on social media where I find myself a lot. So if you are a slim tall pretty lady who would love to marry me contact me”

Nadia is happy that Ameyam has come out of his shell “So proud of the man , Ameyaw Debrah has grown to be. In class at Englebert Int. school, he was such a nerd..quiet, very intelligent and always kept his nose in the books. He stayed away from the girls, almost as though he was afraid to speak with any of us. Now fast forward to present day…a celebrity blogger, freelance journalist and a reporter,..who would have thought? Glad u came out of your shell darling. Don’t just fly, soar!”.