Demilade Egbeolu, popularly known as Juggernaut has revealed that most Nigerian artistes are so lazy when it comes to producing music.


Juggernaut who is signed to Seun Kuti’s Black Hauz Entertainment record label began my career in 2007 when he was in a group called Triple X.

The group was made up of him, May D and another fellow. He said “ We recorded some songs together but we were more focused on campus concerts. We did not get involved with any talent show but we tried in our own little way to push our brand.”

Then things fell apart for Triple X “The thing about group is that at the end of the day, everybody is in it for himself. You start a group and people begin to have favourites for some unnecessary reason and that damages long term friendship. I would not say that we had any fight but we just had an understanding to move on with our individual solo careers. I am glad that the decision never worked against me. From then, I started going to Kalakuta Museum because back then, a lot of artistes used to go there to show the stuff they are made of.”

He said “I think Nigerian artistes are so lazy. It is sad how lazy the industry stakeholders have become and how people have accepted this music we have. It is sad that you have to be intoxicated or be in another state of mind before you have to feel their music. I will not call any artiste’s name but can you think of any Nigerian song that you can wake up in the morning and actually play? There are no songs like that, they say it is commercial but what does that mean? The only thing that is keeping Nigerian music is afro beats.