Nigerian beautiful actress and super model Chika Ike who recently bagged an MBA from Harvard University has revealed the one thing that made her feel inferior while growing up.

According to her many people never liked her body and this was the main reason she was bullied by friends in school.

She said she was the tallest and skinny girl among her class mates that during her secondary educations days and this constantly made her hate morning devotion because she will be ordered to stay at the far back.

 Right now,  many girls are hoping and planning on how to get her body shape and texture, no wonder the bible said the stone the builder rejected turns out to be the chief cornerstone.

This is her story;

“I never liked my body growing up and was constantly bullied about it. I was so skinny and was the tallest in my class. I never looked forward to morning assembly because I’ll have to stand at the back of the class or class presentations to talk about “your best friend” because I’ll be described as the thin girl.

I can remember eating all sorts to things to gain weight but nothing worked, I really craved to have some flesh on me. I was called all sorts of names like Lepa, thin girl and Agric chicken because I was so skinny and tall.  So I started modeling as soon as I graduated from secondary school because modeling agents thought I had “the look”.

 Today the reverse is the case, I’m on all sorts of diet programs and exercising every other day to keep the weight I’ve always wanted in check, I feel bad after licking ice cream or eating anything with high-calorie content because ill have to suffer in the gym.

Growing up slim wasn’t cool now its cool. The truth is you have to constantly love you, you can’t be cool to everyone, the world will always have a standard of what you should be, who you should be and how you should live your life.

If you want to make changes or improvements let it not be because of pressure or people’s unconscious bias about you.Do it for you.You should hold your pen and draw your life plan… Do you… Mind your business…..Run your race. Do not let anyone define you or rush you with their timeline. We all have different stories, journeys, and different clocks. You are you and that is  your power!” she wrote.