Kenny St Brown, a gospel act who is endowed with the gift of writing poems which later metamorphosed into songs, in this interview, spoke on style with Kehinde Falode

What is style to you?

It is something I call a weapon, it is what I use to define functionability, either I am going to the gym, there is a way I design myself or if I’m going to perform on the stage or if I’m going for a party, style is what I use to present myself to you, and how I want you to perceive and see me

How will you describe your personal style?

Contemporary, cosmopolitan and fresh. I am highly cosmopolitan I ride with what is in vogue. I am a high fashion person. My personal style is versatile

What is your best colour?

It’s amazing if I tell you that my best colour is black. You will find me mostly in black, I can’t explain why, but it’s because black is classic, it does not go out of fashion.Black is eternal, it will remain at whatever season. I work with other colours, there is no colour I cannot work with. I work colour, I coordinate colour , but my favorite colour is black. But when It comes to performance, I am a red person, I don’t do black, you will see lots of red or white, I function more on stage with either red or white, if I do black then maybe I did not plan that stage performance or maybe it’s not going to blend with a lot of jewelry and accessories, then I may do black, but black is not for stage performance.

What fashion item can you never be caught with?

Mini skirt or anything above my knee. Normally I do not show my legs, so I can not be caught with anything short, either dress or trouser because I am not comfortable on anything short.

What is your favorite jewelry?

There is no jewelry I don’t work with; I don’t have a favorite when it comes to jewelry. I like all types of jewelry. I just love jewelry and I am not restricted to diamond, gold or any one.

What is your favorite local fabric?

I can make something beautiful with anything I see, I can make a beautiful blouse out of gele I don’t have a favourite local fabric

Favourite perfume

Jean Paul Gautier and Jador

What is your beauty routine?

As you grow older you need a lot of anti- age, steaming your face, using a lot of facial treatment. For me in the morning I start with a fresh bath. I use facial scrub from Neutrogena, after that I use an anti-age. In the evening when I come back, I go back to my bathroom and I use a facial wash, I use facial mask and once in a month I do facials treatment.I don’t use soap on any part of my body at all, but I use moisturizing body wash, and I use lots of moisturizers, hand cream, foot cream. I have a special cream for my elbow, so that one does not look more aged than the other.

Are you a label freak?

I can be a designer freak, depending on how buoyant I am, but it is only with hand bags and not with everything. But that’s only when I can afford it. I am a label freak with bags and it’s because when you buy a designer bag in five years time you carry it and the label is still there and the quality still remains the same. When it comes to shoe and bag, it is better to buy things that last even though they are expensive. If I have my way I will be a label freak but not every time.

Where do you shop for clothes?

I have people around that I buy clothes from when they come back from the States or sometimes when I travel, I pick clothes. Opebi in Ikeja has lots of shops. In the kind of my job you do not repeat clothes. So when I have an event to attend I go there to shop for clothes.

Who are your favorite bag and shoe designers?

I have a few of them, I love Prada, but I don’t have a favorite designer.

What makes you happy?


What motivates you?

Revelation. My new place has been revealed to me. I am in a gospel band. I get motivated by just sitting down and meditating, and also trouble also motivates me, I think about how to get out of the trouble, what to do and how to overcome the trouble.

What determines what you wear?

Where I ‘m going, I won’t say my mood,dictates what I wear. When my mood is down that is when I dress most because I don’t want how I feel to get me down so I try and bring the best out of me and show myself that ‘trouble cannot get you down’. The occasion determines what I wear and how I present myself in public.

Who are the three Nigerian men and women whose style appeals to you?

The Nigerian men whose style trips me is Dayo (D1) Adeneye, Obaro Ibru, and Obara Abdul

For the women I admire Betty Irabor, Ifeoma Williams; she is young and knows how to work with colours, and my niece Dolapo Philips.

Who is your role model?

My sister, Chief (Mrs.) Moji Dokpesi is my role model; I like her; she is an achiever. My mother is also my role model. They both believe that a woman should be financially independent

Where is the most fashionable place you have been to?

Lagos,it is the most fashionable place in the whole wide world

What is the last beauty thing you do before going to bed?

I take a shower, cleanse my face with night cream and my fade cream and then I apply cream on my hand.