Nollywood superstar Zack Orji has broken the silence on the why he no longer features regularly in movies.

Zack, who is member of the organising committee of the Associatioin of Movies Producer’s (AMP) Week, told Klieglights that “it is a natural phenomenon because there are new people coming up everyday and I can’t be as active as I used to be 15 or 20 years ago. I am also doing a lot of things behind the scene. People should just wait and expect a lot from me. Some of the movies I did recently will be out.”

Accessing Nollywood, the award-winning actor said, “you can access something in several ways. In terms of percentage, I will score Nollywood 80, for multiplicity, 95 per cent, in terms of quality and standard, 60 per cent, for revenue generation for the country, I will score us 60 per cent, on return on investment for practitioners it is not something to write home about, for the scripts that we have written, I will give 40 per cent but overall, we have not done badly.”

Commenting on the speculation that Nigerian movies tend to copy western culture, he said: “We do a multiplicity of movies of different subject; you can’t expect us to keep doing the same thing. Culture is dynamic and it gets influenced everyday. The clothes we wear to work are not African. It has changed over the years; most of the things we do today are western and we try to do films, which reflect that. It doesn’t mean we don’t do films about our culture.”

Aside being a good actor with over 158 movies and awards to his name, Zack is also a dotting husband who has been married for 16 years to his wife Ngozi, and their marriage is blessed with three children; a son and two daughters.