Queen Ure Okezie, who was a banker for more than a decade, is an interesting personality. This diva, who is an ex-pastor and former wife of singer, Soul-E, disclosed that she has gone back to her former place of worship, Household of God Church owned by Pastor Chris Okotie.

Responding to a question asked her on why she quit running her ministry, this society lady, whose marriage to Soul E crashed few years after marrying Soul E said, “I was not in Nigeria for most parts of last year. As a result, I handed over the church to some people to manage. You know how it works when you are not the one handling things.

“They had some challenges and couldn’t handle them (challenges) well which made them unable to continue the ministry. But I still go to church every Sundays. I have now gone back to my former church which is Household of God Church, owned by Pastor Chris Okotie.”