Lawal Olalekan Olumo a.k.a. Konga, told OLAIDE ADEKUNLE about himself and what he does on a typical day

Q: How do you start your day?
A: Normally, I wake up around 12 noon because I work throughout the night, but because of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting, I now wake up at 4 a.m.

Q: What do you do in the morning?
A: The first thing that I do is pray to the Almighty Allah, my creator and the creator of heaven and earth. I then go for my exercise because I love swimming a lot, rehearse my songs if there is any new one or practise the old and train my voice.

Q: When do you set out to work?
A: That is based on my appointments for the day. I used to be late for appointments but my manager is really drilling me now, telling me that time is money and one is not always appreciated when he does not keep appointments.

Q: What inspires you most?
A: It is funny, by I am always inspired when I have sexy girls around me, encouraging me to go on with my music. I also get inspired when I exercise my body.

Q: Who is your mentor?
A: I don’t have just one, they are many, but I will mention a few like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Tuface, among others. I give them kudos for a job well done.

Q: What attracts you to the opposite sex?
A: I love ladies who are well composed and God-fearing.

Q: What is your favourite food?
A: I love rice,either red, yellow, green or white, with salad and plantain. Fried fish is also a favourite.

Q: What of drink?
A: I take ordinary water, especially well water because I run very far away from anything that can cause problem for me.

Q: How do you relax?
A: I do that by reading novels and listening to music. I also visit the beach a lot especially when I want to meditate because I do that over so many things, my career, life, the industry and so on.

Q: Any memorable day?
A: No particular one because God has been very good to me in many ways.

Q: Your happiest moment?
A: When I am relaxing.

Q: What determines your friendship with people?
A: Honesty, faithfulness, tolerance and hospitality.

Q: What puts you off?
A: When those I trust turn their backs against me, I feel disappointed.

Q: What makes your day?
A: I feel fulfilled and happy when so much has been achieved in a day. In fact, my day makes itself when I record so many achievements.

Q: When do you retire home?
A: I don’t go home until I am through with all my plans for a day, but I don’t stay out later than 10 p.m.

Q: When do you go to bed?
A: I go late to bed because I tidy up and prepare against the next day. So my bed time is not specific, especially now that I am working on my new album