Nigerian singer Kas is making a comeback in the music industry after staying away for some years. Kas who turned a pastor in a church in London left the music industry to answer the call from God, well he cannot let go of music has he is ready to take the industry by storm.

He was rumored to have abandoned music because it wasn’t giving him enough money, but he has countered this, saying he has numerous houses in Lagos mainland and island, he also has a house in England.

Speaking on his wealth acquisition, Kas has issued that he did not get involved in any dirty dealings, rather music and family gave him the wealth.

In his statement;

“I am a straightforward person. My mother is very rich and I have lived in England for years. I don’t need to steal or do something stupid to get money. I also made money from music and I invested in series of businesses. I don’t need to dip my hands into dark places to get money.”

He has promised to drop is first comeback track before the end of February titled ‘Mr. Owowole’ which is a follow-up to his hit song ‘Fimile’. So be anticipating.