For over a month ago when she came for the Fashion & Style Awards at Muson Centre where Madam Kofo cracked a joke that she was pregnant, top actress, Lola Alao has been at the centre of stories in the media that she is pregnant.

What led to the story was when the organisers of the awards paired Lola Alao and Madam Kofo together to present an Award, both were seated at the same table when they were picked to present the Awards and Madam Kofo in her jocular manner pulled Lola Alao forward on stage to join her joking before the audience not to mind the ever smiling actress who was being shy. “Don’t mind Lola , oh, and her pregnancy” was how Madam Kofo put it and Lola replied that the audience should not mind Madam Kofo.

That was how the rumour of her been pregnant started and in the last three weeks the story of her alleged pregnancy has been on the corner of so many celebrity magazines “ I still can’t believe what I have been going through in the last one month” says Lola.

“See me, see trouble oh. Everywhere I have been since then, people have been asking me about my pregnancy. Please help me tell them oh. I am not pregnant and I was never pregnant oh”.