The love affair between a Yoruba movie star actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe also known as Bisi Omo Logbalogba and a Dublin Big Boy seems to have taken another dimension. The Big Boy met the actress at the turn of the millennium. The guy facilitated the travelling of Bisi Ibidapo to Dublin in 2005 during the Afro-Hollywood Awards that was held in Dublin.

While Bisi and several other movie stars were in Dublin for the award, it was revealed that the guy who is loaded snapped a picture of Bisi wearing a black mono strap gown which exposed her body.

The guy was said to have download the picture on his laptop and showed his close pals. Though he had no intention of dating Bisi at that time but a rethink by the guy and Bisi’s attitude towards him made him decide to have a romantic affair with her.

Though till date Bisi tells everyone that the guy is her mentor, but it was hinted that it was Bisi who strategise with the guy’s consent to make others not suspect that they are in hot romance. This is also based on the fact that the guy’s family in Dublin see Bisi as a junior sister to him.

In recent times he has been extremely fond of Bisi and he does everything to make her happy. This made him to rent a duplex for her at choice Magodo GRA on the outskirts of Lagos. He did not stop at that, he also decide to give fillip to Bisi’s food stuff business by helping her secure a rice dealership license from one of Nigeria’s top rice importers.

The guy must have been comfortable with Bisi’s minus exposure and expression of the Queen’s language which gives her out to all the men that have dated her.

A few months back Bisi had been engaged to a Germany based Nigeria, known as Gbenga James who unconfirmed reports says bought her the Honda Element that she rides now. However, there are strong indications that the young man has called it quit.