Renowned actor and movie producer, Kunle Afolayan, in this interview with Grace Adewara, speaks on his career; how he paid the loan he took to shoot Figurine and his dislike for taking a second wife

When did you join the movie industry?

Professionally, I joined the movie industry in the year1998, when I featured in a Tunde Kelani film titled, Saworo-ide. I love that movie so much and that was when I began to have interest in acting.

Did you ever have passion for acting?

Yes, I really have passion and interest for it. I believe I’m talented in acting so I find it very easy and interesting.

We learnt you borrowed money to shoot your film, Figurine. Have you been able to off-set the loan?

Yes, I have paid all my debts and now I‘m free. I paid the money not quite long and I just thank God that I was not disappointed.

But were you scared you might not be able to pay up?

I was never scared because I believed so much in what I was doing. I put some structures in place which I believe would help me even if I would not be able to make profit, I knew quite well that I would surely pay back. It‘s just a matter of determination. So, I was never scared because I have hope.

Are you saying you didn‘t make profit?

I have not made any profit and my own money is tied down to the project; but at least, I have paid all the money I borrowed.

Is it true you paid some tax to the Federal Government on the movie?

Yes, we paid tax and the tax is very high. We paid 20 per cent; 10 per cent on gross and 10 per cent on net profit. We don‘t have a choice than to pay the tax.

After Figurine, what next?

I‘m working on a couple of movies; on a television series and some big movies that will be out very soon.

You have acted so many movies with different kinds of ladies. Have you ever fallen in love with any one of them?

No. Acting is not that easy. When you are acting a particular role, you have to do it over and over again before you can be good at it. By the time you act the roles many times over, it becomes boring. I have never fallen in love with any actress because I try as much as possible to be a true professional in whatever I‘m doing.

Many people believe that actors smoke and drink for them to be high. Do you take such?

I don’t smoke, but I take alcohol but not when I am working because you can get so excited and that may affect your interpretation. Those people that smoke or drink so that they can be high in what they are doing, are not professional. I‘m a professional actor; so, I don‘t do such. If you put yourself in a good mood, definitely, you will come out well, not until you smoke.

You are handsome and definitely a lot of ladies will be after you. Are you thinking of taking a second wife?

Impossible, except if my wife will be the one to bring the wife. If it is her wish that I marry another person then I will go ahead. I don‘t think there is any point for me to marry another wife in this world. There is nothing like falling in love in Africa, where you have a lot of responsibilities that will overshadow your thinking. You have three kids and they pay more than a million naira for school fees every year. It’s not possible; I can‘t marry another wife.

People believe there is a lot of money in acting.

There is no money; I just have a passion for it and passion sometimes overshadows money. You will be making a living, but you may not be rich. It‘s one thing to be rich; another thing to be successful and it‘s a different thing to make a big mistake. If I have money I‘m sure you won‘t meet me in the office, I will just be smiling in my house.