Zubby Michael made the claim during an interview, saying that a check he conducted made him realise that he recently made N102m from acting.

Michael further revealed that he made a wallop sum of N102 million from artiste fee lately.

He then added that he also has three houses which are located in Lagos, Asaba and Anambra respectively.

He said “To God be the glory, I don’t think anyone is bigger than me for now. Zubby is the biggest actor in Africa right now.

“For now, I’m the richest actor because if you see the money I get, I’m not saying that for people to clap for me. The last time I checked my book, I realised that I have made N102 million from artiste fee lately, not in all my career.

“That means I have to share N10.2 million for people, because that is my way of paying tithe. I have three houses, one in Lagos, another in Asaba and the other in Anambra. Three buildings for now and more coming.”

Dismissing allegations of money laundering against him, he continued “People online forget to tell themselves the truth because online is not real, it is just like a market square. I don’t lauder money, my only source of income is acting and production.

“Forget people that are talking nonsense, I won’t go into laundering money or such thing because I’m not desperate when it comes to money. I love money but I don’t worship money.”