It is not everyday one gets to meet a handful actress like Chioma Okoye. SAMUEL OLATUNJI had his cup to overflowing on Wednesday when he paid this top-heavy actress a visit.

You once said that one can be big and sexy. Do you still believe that?
Yes, being sexy is what you can see, I’m big, beautiful and sexy.

Is acting worth it?
Yes. I’ve done about six movies this year and I’m in midst of one called ‘Fat Kokolets.’ Two of my movies, Meet the Mitchel and My father told me are already out.

How many movies have you done and which is your favourite?
I’ve done over 30 and ‘The Prof and the dane gun’ is one of my favourite movies. It was a comedy alongside Sam Loco. I also like Slow Poison, Lost Fate, War for War and so on.

What course are you studying at University of Lagos?
I am studying History and Strategic Studies. I go to school everyday.

So are your lecturers asking wooing you already?
No, not at all, one of them, Dr. Adeleke even called me when he was watching my movie on Africa Magic. They love what I do. They encourage me, moreover I went there to study, not look for husband.

Why didn’t you study Creative Art?
I want to be an ambassador in the future. With history ou do a lot of traveling, I’ve travvled to lots of places, I’ve gone tp Paris, Spain, Italy, Athens and London. I’ll be going to America soon.

Are you sure this has nothing to do with a Sugar Daddy?
What does it take to travel? How much is a ticket? I sponsored myself. I don’t need to get sugar daddy to take care of my trips and I have people there who took me round and helped me shopping and the rest.

How is it with you and school?
I am doing well and I don’t have carryovers if that is what you are thinking. I go to school regularly and read my books.

How did you get into the movie industry?
My uncle is Pete Edochie, I accompanied him to a location one day while I was on holiday and they were looking for a particular person to act a role and they asked me to take up the role. I asked how much they were paying and I got about N20 000 in 2000. That was how it began.

How does it feel when people refer to you as top-heavy?
Oh, I’m a big mama. My boyfriend calls me big mama, I don’t get embarrassed, I’m happy that I’m like this, some people are working to add weight, I like it and my boyfriend likes it too. The only thing is that, you watch your weight when you are fat so that you don’t get to be obesed. I go to gym everyday.

How far with you and marriage?
I’m still in my early 20s, I will get marry at the right time. I don’t have a problem getting married and being in school.

Why are you not dating a guy outside Nigeria like some of your colleagues?
I can’t date a guy outside Nigeria o! I just want somebody I can always talk to and see because I talk a lot. It is not somebody that I’ll have to talk to on phone for 30 hours. I want to see him anytime I want I want him to see my pretty face as well.

Will you say it is a blessing in disguise that you were not married to your late boyfriend before he passed on?
Right from when I was bor God knows everything about me; he knew that guy was not my husband. That is why he did not allow us to get married.

So, is this your second love?
We fall in and out of love all the time. Love is not something you fall in at once, sometimes you wake up and discover you don’t like the guy you used to like.

Would you say love has been fair to you?
No, not really.

In what instance would you say love has not been fair to you?
I think in the aspect of cheating. All men cannot be faithful, it is just in them. Men always feel they can do anything and get away with it and expect their women to be loyal. They always think it is their right to do it.

Have you had an encounter with broad day light cheating?
That was in 2004, I came back from a location with first flight and went to see my boyfriend and was shocked to see my close friend on his bed while he was bathing. I just walked away. It is in men’s nature to cheat.

So, is your current boyfriend cheating on you?
I don’t know but he would say he doesn’t cheat. But as long as he still loves me, I don’t mind.

What is the most unthinkable thing you’ve done for love?
You don’t want me to tell you, I’m a wild girl.

How wild could you be?
Imagine wearing a bikini as big as I am in a beach just for my boyfriend. He enjoyed it because flesh was everywhere; half of my bum-bum was out.

A colleague of yours once told me she takes charge in bed since you said you are wild, how wild can you go?
I am really wild in bed. You don’t want to know.

Doesn’t your boyfriend feel less than a man?
The bottom line is that he is happy with it. As long as he is happy he will allow me do my thing the way I want.

And your boyfriend enjoys you being wild on bed?
Oh yes, he doesn’t have a problem with that.

What is your dream?
I want to see Nollywood move close to Hollywood, and I want to produce my own movie too.