Soul2Soul Entertainment Consultancy which is strategically located at No. 26, Olorunrinu Close, Ogudu, GRA, Lagos is a new brand of entertainment outfit that is solely out to discover the phenomenally talented Nigeria’s youth who are imbued with some artistic abilities. The discovery which leads to exposing them to the global market will create a platform that gives them the opportunity to contribute their quotas in uplifting the fast-rising entertainment industry.

This new and exciting approach that has been designed to give succor to the voiceless Naija artistes who are walking without any sense of direction in all nooks and crannies of the country is a pointer to making their dream a reality by making them realize their potential early in life in the entertainment industry.

Soul2Soul Entertainment Consultancy, a complete multi-media rich entertainment company with support from her formidable team led by the University of Lagos Sociology undergraduate, Uzoma Ani, has perfected all plans to support these crop of entertainers as they are welcome from all walks of life to come with their art works or artistic materials to No. 26, Olorunnrinu Close, Ogudu, GRA, Lagos and have their dream turn to a mega fortune as the whole network is basically run by Soul2Soul Entertainment. From the production of the work till it gets to the final consumer, Soul2Soul Entertainment will not only make adequate provision for production of such works but will take a giant stride that will get the works to every home in Nigeria and beyond, all thanks to their street marketing distributing channel which is designed to ease the stress of consumers who clamour to get such works.

The goal of this inimitable project is to provide assistance to these talented entertainers, by teaching and supervising them on how to go about their artistic works and improve their knowledge of the virus/piracy that exists, so that they are able to protect their work from such killer’s act-PIRACY.

You may wonder how this new entrant hopes to achieve all this aforementioned, “we have combined efforts and resources together with our foreign partners in Europe, America and South Africa to achieve this feat. This business romance with the top-classed entertainment outfits abroad would, in no small measure, contribute greatly to the uprising as the existing big names in the industry who have exploited these artistes would be given a run for their money. We are operating an open door policy, we have nothing to hide and we are not going to be bias about our dealing with people, we promise to deliver more than our words.” The Ebonyi born Uzoma Ani, the CEO of the Soul2Soul Entertainment disclosed.