This is unusual and i can’t believe this. A 300 level sociology student of the University of Ilorin UNILORIN, Abolarin Akin Jephthah, has written to his school management asking for his withdrawal.

She cited in the letter that she came into the school with WAEC papers he got through examination malpractice and as a new born again christian, he cannot build his career on a faulty foundation. 

This is rather an insane decision someone may say but is it really the way to go about “born again” things? Or is this really that #ChangeBeginsWithMe is taking effect?? Most people who commented on this rather radical behaviors saw it as a witchhunt or spiritual problems or like they say “them dey pursue her from the village”. 

I think is an insane decision that she will live to regret. The bible says once you are born again, old things have passed away and all thing have become new. Didn’t she read that part of the bible?? Or is that part talking about a different thing altogether??

See a copy of the letter she sent to her school management. – What do you think about this?