Nollywood has improved so much, the creativity and production quality is far better than it used to be and the movie industry is on a fast lane right now.

We have seen movies that depicts too much of s3xuality or romance, but then one just keep imagining if these actors don’t get carried away while acting these scenes.

In some cases, the intimacy tends to stir up some emotions between actors and make them want to have something going on off camera.

But then, they often don’t own up to the after effect of over s3xual roles. In a recent interview with Tribes TV, Nollywood fineboy, Mike Ezuronye disclosed that he has never been carried away while acting sensitive roles.

His reason is the fact that, on set there are other people watching you carry out your scenes, the pressure to deliver is also there, so having time to reminisce of an intense scene or getting carried away is far from happening.

 In his words: “ when you watch a movie it looks like an alone scene, but while shooting, there are so many people on set watching, there is no time to get carried away, either do I have the time to reminisce on it after the scene. It’s all work and it ends there.”