Linda Ikeji’s sister, Laura Kanu was in the news not too long after she tied the knot with the younger brother of Kanu Nwankwo few weeks ago.

She was criticized for putting on a shabby dress for her court wedding despite claiming to be one of the hottest fashion blogger / fashionista in Nigeria.

Many were even of the opinion that her marriage which took place lets than a month after her man proposed was done due to the fact that she might already be pregnant.

Well, luckily for her, the rumor has since subsided and things appears to be back to normal but today she released a statement that really got me wondering.

While sharing a comment on how a follower had politely said she was inspired to have a business of her own due to Laura’s independent lifestyle, she disclosed that she has the biggest store in Nigeria.

Although we wanted to believe that it might be a typography error form her but if she really means that statement, I think she was exaggerating.

She said: “if you are a young person in Nigeria and would like to have a business, please if it’s not online store only, now isn’t the time to do it. Nigeria would frustrate you. This is coming from someone who makes huge thousands daily; wait till Nigeria gets a lil better. I own the biggest fashion store in Nigeria.”

What do you think guys, is her store really the biggest?