Legendary Reggae singer, Majek Fashek, has just ignited another trouble in the Nigerian entertainment industry and this time it is with Timi Dakolo.


The Reggae singer had pointed accusing finger at Timi for making a remix of his song, ‘Send Down The Rain’ without seeking his permission.

But this allegation has gotten into Timi who is not presently in the country but decided to respond by stating that he actually paid for remix of the song and still has the invoice with him.

Timi stressed that he paid Majek’s manager to remix the song and he went as far as mentioning Majek during their rehearsals at the HEADIES

My people it truly saddens me to see such. i always try to do things rightly and lawfully. I paid his manager to remake the song, I got my invoice. I even mentioned to him during our rehearsals at the headies. So honestly I don’t understand this write up. oga Majek Fashek, I respect and love you, your voice gives life to lyrics, you are one of the best musicians I know..God bless you.