The three times Yemi Alade was nominated for Bet award, she has not won but that has not damped her inspiration. She was not even intimidated when she saw the list of those she was contesting with the last time she lost with Wizkid.


Talking about her experience “This is actually the third time. But this is my first time of attending. I actually came for the BET experience. I have heard so much about BET experience and I decided to be a part of it this year.” She denied being intimidated “Oh no! All the nominees are strong contenders, I understand. We are all doing well in our own right. Being nominated alone is something. There are lots of African artistes doing very well but have not been nominated and to be nominated in a category in BET award for the third time should be something to be proud of.”

About her legendary shorts attires  “I do love wearing shorts. They allow you express yourself and people can see what you are doing with your legs when you are wearing shorts especially when you are dancing. Shorts keep me comfortable. 

I am energetic on stage because I eat well. You can’t dance well if you don’t eat. Being happy with what I am doing also makes me dance so well. I also try to keep fit. You need all the energy if you must be on the stage performing for almost two hours. It is my joy when people feel the energy and sing along with me.”