Singer and Jesse Jagz baby mama, Ruby Gyang, has continued to be the best she can be in her soul music which is not as loud as the regular hip-hop songs which are currently making wave.

The singer recently disclosed to tribune newspaper that she is not the outing type but prefers to hang-out at the New African Shrine because she loves live band.

On the perception that most people who go to the Shrine smokes, Ruby stated that is not a party to smoking or drinking as it will affect her in the studio.

While confessing to how she had attempted smoking, she said, “I don’t really. I tried smoking once and it was a disaster. I left it behind. Drinking is terrible on my voice, so I don’t do that too.”

Gradually getting to the top with her music, Ruby pointed out that one of the regrets she has is giving birth the time she did as she would have preferred her daughter to have come later because she does not have time caring for her the way she would love to.

Speaking on her regret, she said, “My daughter. I wish I had had her later in life, when I would have had time to take care of her. She means the world to me right now.”