Kaduna based actress , Rahama Sadau, who was recently banned by the egg heads of Kaduna arm of Nollywood for hugging an artist Classiq in a Hausa music video say the ban was unfortunate and she doesn’t feel she deserved the ban “I can’t just touch someone and then they say I did something wrong. I think your religion and faith is between you and God.


I grew up as a northern lady, I know my limitations and I know what I can do as a northerner and a Muslim.What I did should be at the liberty of the artist who shouldn’t be banned.”The actress says though she is an actress she still knows the limitation that her northern community and her religion Islam places on her.

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The star of “sons of the caliphate” explained that even if she wants to feign ignorance and carry on accepting every role she is aware of the outrage it will spark in her community and she knows her family is in Kaduna and what they can do to them.

“Yes I have my limitations like I said, there are certain things I wouldn’t do because of where I come from and the religion I stand for.If I show that I am ignorant of things, I have family and I know what the people in the north are capable of, that’s why I am being careful.

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On how her ban has impacted on her career she had this to say “Well, it’s a stepping stone, I am grateful because it has opened a lot of doors because a lot of people didn’t know me until the ban happened. It’s not something good but I think it was just meant to be”.