Enyinna Nwigwe, is a Nigerian born Nollywood Actor cum Producer who has in a short while became one of the faces to reckon with in the entertainment industry at home and Diaspora.

The handsome dude has declared the kind of women his body, soul and spirit search for.According to the ‘Black November’ actor, “ I want to be able to have free conversations with my ideal woman; she should be a woman I can learn from.

She has to stimulate me mentally. I get passes from women even when I’m on movie location and off location. But naturally, I know how to handle them. I’m a human behaviour person, I observe and understand human behaviour.

It helps me to manage situations like that very well. But I’m always nice and friendly to women. There are several ways you can be friendly and people would understand that you can be friends and at the same time be decent without having all the complications.

” He also spoke on what his first big pay and what did you do with it, “It didn’t come at once; it came in trickles but it was solving every problem I wanted it to do. It kept me going and rekindled my passion for acting.

I wouldn’t let the passion drive me into forgetting I have responsibilities, so let’s just say I am a money maker.” As a one of the hottest new faces of Nollywood the actor who shuttles between Los Angeles and Nigeria has some of his senior colleagues he has always looked up to.

“I have quite a lot of people who inspire me. Jeta Amata of course who was instrumental to the start of my career, Donald Duke is a perfect example of who I want to be – correct guy, fine boy, fine wife, relevant in business, politics and in arts. He is a rounded character.

For actors, I have had this thing with Denzel. I won’t say it is his acting style, but he has proven that a black guy out there can do it and hold it strong.

He has been really inspiring to actors internationally. On the home front, there is Gideon Okeke, O.C. Ukeje, Ramsey Nouah, Majid Michelle, all these guys have in one way or the other impacted on my career and business,” he disclosed.