Nollywood actress and mother of two, Biodun Okeowo, has been able to live her dreams to a certain height of fulfillment especially since parting ways with the father of her two kids.

The actress in a recent interview with New Telegraph explained that reflecting back her relationship, she now understands that her man just wanted her out of his life which is why he always wanted her to stay late at locations.

She disclosed that she almost sacrificed her “happiness, education, everything for love,” but to no avail but was grateful to God that she was able to get her feet back on track.

Biodun stressed that because they are celebrities, a lot of searchlights are being beamed on them and it makes things look as if they are different from the other people.

When asked why most female celebs are not able to keep their homes, she said, “Let me just quickly chip in something I was not legally married. I have never been married. Well, I would say it’s because we are in the limelight.

“It happens everywhere. Marriages these days don’t work because the kind of patience our parents had, we don’t have it. But because we are in the limelight, everything about us is in full public glare, so people tend to say all sorts. But marriages break everywhere.”

The actress further disclosed that since the father of her kids is now married, she has also found solace with another man who is in the limelight but would not reveal his personality and he is yet to propose to her.